第二次中国—中东欧国家经贸促进部长级会议宁波宣言|Ningbo Declaration
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Ningbo Declaration of the Second Ministerial Conference of China and Central and Eastern European Countries on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation

                              (2016年6月9日,June 9, 2016 中国宁波 Ningbo, China)

I. We, trade and economic ministers or representatives of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred as “China”) and the 16 Central and Eastern European Countries (hereinafter referred to as "CEECs") (the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Estonia, Hungary, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, the Republic of Poland, Romania, the Republic of Serbia, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Slovenia) gather in Ningbo, China, for the 2nd Ministerial Conference of China and CEECs on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation. We discussed our cooperation with a view to “opening up new fronts on ‘16+1’ trade and economic cooperation from a new starting point” and based on key topics such as “promoting specialty products and new growth areas of bilateral trade”, “expanding cooperation sectors” and “promoting cooperation in equipment manufacturing and infrastructure cooperation”.
II. The 2nd Ministerial Conference of China and CEECs on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation is aiming at implementing the consensus and outcomes of the 4th Summit of China and CEECs in Suzhou in 2015, and making preparation on economy and trade for the 5th Summit of China and CEECs in Riga in 2016. The Ministerial Conference of China and CEECs on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation is an important mechanism and platform for exchanges and cooperation between trade and economic authorities in charge of “16+1” cooperation and has important significance for the enhancement of comprehensive trade and economic relations between the two sides.
III. We take note that, since the first Meeting of Heads of Government of China and CEECs, the leaders of China and CEECs have had frequent interactions, which boost the flourishing “16+1” cooperation. We have agreed that the two sides will work to synergize the Belt and Road Initiative with the development strategies of the CEECs. This lays a solid foundation for medium and long-term cooperation between China and CEECs and will deepen cooperation between China and CEECs. In this light, both sides welcome the progress already made and are determined to intensify their efforts aiming at the expeditious conclusion of an ambitious and comprehensive Investment Agreement between China and EU, which includes investment protection, market access and other elements further facilitating investment.
IV. We are resolved to take the Suzhou Summit of China and CEECs, the Medium-term Agenda for Cooperation between China and CEECs and the Suzhou Guidelines for Cooperation between China and CEECs, jointly issued by leaders as a starting point and opportunity for the “16+1” cooperation and further improve trade and economic cooperation between the two sides. The following consensus has been achieved:
We see practical economic cooperation and trade promotion as the priority. By encouraging and tracking the implementation of all the initiatives and programs, as well as by improving the business climate and promoting an open and fair business environment.
We endeavor to construct a cooperation framework agreeable to both sides under which development strategy and macro-economic policy dialogues will be conducted to facilitate the upgrading and transformation of trade and economic cooperation and to realize sustainable development.
We will make full use of multilateral and bilateral platforms such as the Ministerial Conference of China and CEECs on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation, the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo, the Contact Mechanism for the Investment Promotion Agencies of China and CEECs, and the Bilateral Joint (Mixed) Trade and Economic Committees (Commissions).
We would explore opportunities in development, expand areas of cooperation, facilitate investment and oppose trade protectionism.
We are of the view that the Central and Eastern European Countries Products Expo under the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Fair play an important role in promoting two-way trade, and we will continue to encourage companies of our respective countries to engage.
Under the precondition that plant and animal health and food safety is guaranteed, we would promote agricultural and food trade.
We are ready to share good practices of e-commerce development, and to explore new business models of cross-border e-commerce and seek other trade opportunities in this field. We acknowledge the important role small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play in the enhancement of trade and investment relations and therefore will strive to strengthen exchanges and dialogues on policies facilitating SME operations in China and the CEECs.
China and CEECs have potential in industrial and technological cooperation and equipment manufacturing. We are ready to strengthen cooperation in industrial restructuring and infrastructure upgrading.
We are ready to explore the establishment of trade and economic cooperation zones and industrial parks in countries where conditions are ready to advance industrial cooperation, and expand cooperation in high-tech for key projects while continuously keeping in mind the crucial role of intellectual property rights cooperation and protection.
We agree to step up communications and exchanges to pave the way for expanding bilateral infrastructure cooperation, through existing Bilateral Joint (Mixed) Trade and Economic Committees (Commissions) or other platforms.
We welcome the creation of investment cooperation funds and the upcoming “16+1” finance company to assist bilateral cooperation in infrastructure and other fields.
We hold that the China-Europe Land-Sea Express Railway and the China-Europe international rail container links, once developed, can help boost connectivity in Europe.
We welcome cooperation in transport and infrastructure construction, including roads, railways, ports, airports and power stations under the principle of mutual benefit, and actively establish new models for the “16+1” infrastructure development.
We are pleased with the positive outcomes of the meeting. The trade and economic ministers and representatives of the 16 CEECs appreciate, and are thankful for, China’s warm hospitality and thoughtful preparations for the meeting.
We agree to hold the 3rd Ministerial Conference of China and CEECs on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation in China in 2018.

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